Drivet Geological Consulting LtdDrivet Geological Consulting Ltd offers the petroleum industry a comprehensive approach to solving geological problems encountered in carbonate reservoirs.  The focus is towards understanding the rock first via core descriptions and thin section petrography.  Detailed core descriptions are provided, clearly differentiating the data from the interpretations and relating it to logs for the purpose of stratigraphic correlations and regional mapping.  Integration with other data sets (e.g. core analyses, DST and completion tests) is a common approach to solving questions relating to reservoir characterization for exploration or exploitation purposes. Over 15 years working in the industry brings a wide range of geological practical experience, with highlights including reservoir characterization of the Mississippian Lodgepole Formation (Manitoba) and the Swan Hills Formation at Caroline (Alberta), Wildcat Devonian carbonate exploration in the Northwest Territories along the MacKenzie River, exploitation projects via horizontal drilling in the Mississippian Pekisko and Devonian Wabamun formations in Crossfield (Alberta),  and regional exploration scoping projects for the whole Devonian section (from Wabamun to Keg River) in Central Alberta.   Working with your team is an integral part of the process to assist with building a reliable predictable exploration, exploitation, or development model that works for you, and to ensure seamless transfer of geological knowledge with your staffs.  The approach is tailored to your needs, whether you require assistance with an extensive full scale reservoir modelling project, or are looking for help describing a carbonate core for a day.

  • Drivet Geological Consulting LtdCore descriptions outlining types of fossils, fractures, pore types, contacts and all other pertinent geological features.  The data is clearly separated from the interpretations.  A petrophysical log for the cored interval is included to relate facies changes with log responses.
  • Core to log calibration to identify depth shifts, and relate the depositional facies to correlatable log responses.
  • Stratigraphic correlation and regional mapping incorporating knowledge of carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis – integration with other datasets (e.g. core analyses, DST, petrophysics, completion data) and working with your team to incorporate other database as required.  Ultimately, the goals are to define the stratigraphy, the flow units, the geological trends of interest and answer your questions.
  • Geological mapping – recommendations for exploration, exploitation, and development as needed.
  • Can work with your multidisciplinary team to assist with sampling strategies for special core analysis required for comprehensive reservoir characterization and modelling studies.
  • Thin section petrography, including a report with photographs and detailed descriptions outlining framework grains, cements, and clays.  Pore types and estimated porosity are also provided.

Drivet Geological Consulting Ltd

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